About us

We are crypto consulting heroes.

Who we are

We are a group with a strong track record in the crypto industry. We are aware of the essential requirements for cryptocurrency businesses and are able to support them at every stage of the growth process.

We offer all the tools you want to start from scratch and create a successful blockchain project. You name the issue, and we'll find a fix. That's how simple it is.


Company founded

+ 20

Happy customers

+ 200

Hours spent improving

+ 10

Countries we worked with


We believe that with every successful project we contribute to the adoption of new technologies globally.


To become the world's leading crypto consulting agency and blockchain technology hub.

Core values

Leadership. Passion. Accountability. Trust. Those are the main pillars which are holding the core of Cryptexus team.

Why are we consulting

Because with every project we shape the future of decentralized blockchain technology

How we are doing it

By helping our clients to build life-changing crypto projects.


We can invest in your project

Cryptexus prefers to invest in pre-seed, seed, and series A startups in the Blockchain, Gaming, Fintech, and High-Tech industries. We encourage you to join us as we invest and assist firms in growing their businesses by sharing our skills and knowledge gained over the years.


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We can help early stage pre seed, seed and, series-A or B companies with Token, NFT sales and Equity investments.

White paper, light paper, pitch deck, and tokenomics.

Lithuania, Estonia, and Portugal.

We can help with token launch strategy: choosing the best token generation method and exchange compatible with current marketing strategy and market trends.

Yes, we can provide advisory and business development services.

Yes, we do have experience in the incorporation of business entities in Lithuania, Estonia, Swiss, Malta, Portugal, HK, Singapore, the U.S., and some offshore jurisdictions e.g. Cayman Islands, BVI, etc.

Yes. By knowing the desires and capabilities of the project we do recommend Crypto exchangers which match the selection criteria. Due to the experience and very close relations with the exchangers, our clients can get onboarded faster and probably cheaper compared to the process of approaching exchangers directly.

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