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Cryptexus assist with listing cryptocurrencies and tokens on leading crypto exchanges by facilitating token listing applications and due diligence processes.

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The process

Cryptexus team is 9 years in crypto space. Therefore, the personal connections are established with most of the Crypto exchangers personally. Therefore, the faster onboarding process and potentially more competitive pricing can be offered to the projects which are looking to list their token.

We can help you list cryptocurrencies and tokens on major cryptocurrency exchanges. We have ties with both Western and Asian exchanges and can help blockchain companies and ICOs with token listing applications and due diligence.

  • Cryptexus team has a conversation with the project founders in order to figure out the needs, wishes and capabilities of the project
  • Cryptexus does internal due diligence on project
  • If the client does not know where they want to get listed, Cryptexus team offers 3-5 different best options for each client individually.
  • Most of the exchangers request Legal opinion that the token is not “security token”. Cryptexus team can help to get such legal opinion
  • If client is satisfied with the recommendations of Cryptexus team, the introductions between Exchange employees and project founders are made. Cryptexus has no intention to be the additional link in the chain.


  • Token is listed with 1 or multiple trading pairs. Founders of the project can execute various market making strategies based on the situation.
  • Recommendation: Market making (a.k.a. Order-book management) bots should be implemented in order to reduce the spread between buy and sell orders

Listing to exchanges projects

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