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Cryptexus focus on reaching out to investors and obtaining funds for clients, consulting on fundraising strategies and advisory.

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The process

Reaching out to a certain group of investors and obtaining funds for clients. Our targeted criteria include vertical orientation, geographical orientation, and fundraising round orientation.

  • We work on an evaluation of the project to see if your business matches investor-risk comfort level and has a good chance of raising money.
  • Preparation process:
    • Setting up automated tracking tools e.g. DocSend, Calendly
    • Setting up the CRM and automated marketing tools e.g. HubSpot
    • Segmenting the database of Investors based on Investor investment strategy which would match with the project
  • Business idea introduction to our warm VC and HNWI connections:
  • Direct email campaign
  • Direct Calls to Investors which match criteria.¬†
  • Participating and representing clients in events (Singapore, Dubai, Malta, etc.).
  • We offer further assistance for the whole investors outreach campaign by providing ideas and modifications in order to make the process more optimized and efficient.


  • Brand awareness¬†
  • Access to the Top Investors Database
  • Multiple calls with investors are being scheduled
  • Attracted investment to fund the project.
  • Influencers in your vertical, and open the gateway to a world of investment opportunities

Investor relations projects

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