We invest

Cryptexus invests in early-stage technological businesses.

Cryptexus prefers to invest in pre-seed, seed, and series A startups in the Blockchain, Gaming, Fintech, and High-Tech industries. We encourage you to join us as we invest and assist firms in growing their businesses by sharing our skills and knowledge gained over the years.

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The process

Project review

It all begins with a comprehensive project analysis. This produces overview of the project which serves as the foundation for the ranking. Cryptexus wants to recieve all produced materials by the founders (Whitepaper, Lightpaper, Pitch, Business forecasts.)

Side-by-side analysis

In the next stage we approach founders of selected project to schedule the pitching session.

Intensive Due Diligence

The preselection process consists of several meetings with the founders. This generally takes place over a period of several weeks. The team, investment strategy, track record and terms are all analysed in detail.

  • Team: We look for a broadly balanced, sustainable team structure with complementary personalities and skills, a good reputation and outstanding professionalism.
  • Strategy: The strategy should be consistent, differentiated and clearly articulated and must be compatible with the market situation and the team’s experience.
  • Track record: The project should have a unique idea that solves real market problems, ideally project should have developed MVP and user traction.

Investment decision

The main results of the due diligence are summarized in an investment proposal, which is then subject to a final discussion in the investment team and with the partners in the Investment Committee.


The investment process continues well after the investment decision itself. For the duration of the investment the quarterly and annual reports from the project are analysed regularly. Cryptexus team also maintains close contact with the founders and supports them with strategic partnerships and business development.

What value we can bring


Our team concentrates on how funds are raised. We contribute not only finance, but also advice and assistance in developing strategic alliances throughout the process.


Our team is driven by passion which enables us to achieve excellent results. Passion is the energy that keeps us moving, keeping us full of meaning, happiness, excitement, and expectation.


Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results. We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism and we build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.


Every great business is built on trust. We don’t let trust ‘just happen’, but that we make it happen. We continually build trust from the start of a relationship.

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